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Eskimo Nebula
NASA, Andrew Fruchter
and the ERO Team
[Sylvia Baggett (STScI),
Richard Hook (ST-ECF),
Zoltan Levay (STScI)]


Become an Associate/Reseller
Associates and Reseller Agreements

We are open to Associates and Resellers for our products. Visit our LEARN USA Associate Program for more detailed information about the Associates Program.

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Associates participate in "Click Through" programs where they place links or banners or other advertising on their sites, in their emails, etc. and they share in the profits from products sold as a result of "clicking through" from their site or advertising to our eCommerce site - LEARN USA Webstore.

Associates are rewarded for their efforts on an onging basis – as the sales come in we pay associates. You will receive a check monthly no matter what the amount. You are paid first.

Resellers purchase our products at "reseller rates" and earn from the sales of our products that they generate. Just contact for more information on how you can become an Associate or Reseller of HypnoSonics and Custom Production Music.

We find at LEARN USA (our ecommerce site) that our products are beneficial to everyone interested in mental and emotional mastery, relaxation and stress release and personal and professional development and enhancement. We are constantly creating new products and we look forward to providing innovative and creative products and services to the global community. We ship around the world to most all countries and have a robust download system for digital downloads.

Contact Elvis for more information - Phone: 813-221-5466 or Email Elvis Lester Now!

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