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My favorite tool as a changeworker and transformation artist, I'd have to say, is hypnosis. More than any other method, I'm most comfortable using hypnotic interventions in the work that I do. There's not a doubt in mind that it is because being personally good at "doing trance" is one of my most truly valued gifts and treasures.

This experience, personal and deep, has helped me help others to do better in an ever-widening variety of situations. The primary reason I am able to do that is due to the fact that I believe...

"You can do trance so very well yourself!"

It only makes sense to me that I provide as best I can others an opportunity to learn from those wonderful experiences. One way I know I can do that is through our HypnoSonics music and media we offer here.

When I put on one of the songs or cd's, or listen to the trances myself, I am immediately transported to "tranceland"... thus the name of the site. By going inside and releasing, clearing, centering and balancing through breath and letting go physically and mentally, I reach another time and place, one that is thoroughly enjoyable, peaceful and pleasurable. I aim to keep it "clean and free", to preserve and protect this space and experience with a deep respect for this ability to "go into trance".

The music and technics, trances and mini-trainings you will find here are designed specifically for this, to provide you a space where you can "go into trance", relax and release and unwind, just let go. Let your mind drift and let your body feel free and appreciate the trances and vibes for what they are, sounds and vibrations, "sayings and doings and viewings" that allow us to experience what we will.

I also feel this way about "inductions" and "trances" that I design for others. I intend to preserve for them the essence of what they bring and help those I do "hypnotize" entrance themselves in their own unique and extraordinary ways. I am always mesmerized by what others are able to do with their "hypnotic talents" as I hold a deep appreciation for that genius we all share and have in common.

Here on this page, I invite you to explore and discover "trances", technics and mini-trainings in "Hypnosis" to help you on your "journey to and through tranceland". Of course, I will "go first" and offer the very best opportunity for you through these tools to...

"Trance-Form Your Talents"

Take adavantage of the treasures that await you here! Welcome and invite others to come along with you on the journey and visit TranceLand™. We can all use a little "trance-formation" now and then, can't we?!?

Explore the media below for your own entrancement!

Be cautious though, you wouldn't want to much pleasure and enjoyment in your life right now would you? :) You decide!

Elvis Lester

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Audio Demos by Elvis Lester with HypnoSonics Music

» Paradise Mind
» Deep Inside
» Desired State Design

Custom Trance Recordings

On occasion Elvis will design and record individualized trance sessions for you based on an evaluation of your needs through direct consultation with you. He will gather specific information about desired state conditions, suggestions, issues and challenges and create a trance induction (with changework/trancework) and provide this as a "ready-to-go" recording you can use for personal trance-formation. For those interested, email Trance Recording with Elvis.

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