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Elvis Lester and
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Musicians and Producers
What's unique about Howard Helm and Elvis Lester is that they are both masters at what they do. Howard, an accomplished musician, and Elvis a master of change and hypnosis. Together, their unique blend of skills and abilities, combined with their passion they bring you HypnoSonics™ here at TranceLand™.
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Howard Helm is a "working", professional musician. Meaning, he composes, produces and creates music every day of his life. He also works as a Minister of Music at a local church providing music to inspire spirits! His love for music was apparent to Elvis when they first got together at the studio to create their first work "All In A Dream".

Howard immediately captured Elvis' ideas and went to work unveiling the first of many wonderful music compositions from TranceLand™ Productions. Howard's style of communication and his ability to interpret his customer's desires and needs, along with his "straight-forward approach", sets him apart as an outstanding composer, musician and producer. And he's a really nice guy too!

He will take to heart your needs and come forth with a melody, instrumentals and even vocals if you so desire. He is not bashful to share his talents. They are truly mesmerizing.

Elvis knew when he watched Howard work that it was time to bring to life what TranceLand™ was destined for... deep, entrancing and life-changing works of art that have behind them a science of trance-formation.

With Elvis' unmatched set of skills, you will find a change artist and an aspiring musician along with someone who knows how to produce, time and again, exquisite pieces that create just the right mix and blend of resources for his audience.

Call upon Elvis and Howard. Call upon them to assist you and to support you in your musical endeavors. They are here to offer their services in the spirit of sharing their passion, their second loves... knowing of course that they are, first of all, committed family men. :>) Although their wives have been known to wonder sometimes as they are often totally committed, consumed and immersed in their works of arts!

Let us know how we can be of assistance. We are here to serve!

Welcome to TranceLand™!

Taking Care of Trance... In A Flash!

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