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Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC
Master Hypnotherapist
NLP ChangeMaster™
and Master Trainer


Welcome Message

Elvis Lester

MindFirst™ Studios

Welcome to TranceLand™!

I know. It's not "GraceLand" but it does provide you amazing trance music and HypnoSonics™ products that will immerse you and entrance you into a deep sense of well-being and rejuvenation. That's right! You've come to the right site for "good vibes"!

Enjoy TranceLand™

We have made it as easy and simple as we for you to learn about our music, to experience it and take advantage of the opportunities to "use our music" on your projects or products.

If you have any questions or requests we welcome them. Feel free to contact me, Elvis Lester or give us a call with your interests or ideas as to how we can be of valuable service to you in the development off your projects or...

"Trance-Forming Your Talents!"

Elvis Lester, Owner
Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer

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Visit our Audio and Video Demos to experience the difference that great music and entrancing vibes can have on you and your experience of you. Learn how to "live your life with more passion and power and peace of mind..."

Taking Care of Trance!


Check out and listen to demos of our Song Titles from our CDs/Albums now available for purchase. Just go to Song Titles and demo or purchase what you like.

You can now purchase digital versions of our songs and music and download direct to your computer. Simple and easy downloads from our LEARN USA WebStore.

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