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Song Titles - Purchase Digital Versions
Buy ALL Single Songs on Albums below digitally!

We now have a total of 7 Albums and another on the way! You can purchase each and every song separately in .mp3 format. Links are listed below beside the album picture covers.



Demos of all songs are provided.
All songs listed below are .mp3 versions
(.wav files are available on a request basis only.)

Psynesthesia In Paris

2 Songs Over 50 minutes

Song 1. Dreamstar - (25:57)

DEMO: Dreamstar - .mp3

Song 1. Psynesthesia In Paris - Title Cut (23:09)

DEMO: Psynesthesia In Paris - .mp3



Relax Deeply - Be Entranced - Unwind




Relaxing - Rejuvenating - Refreshing





Song 1. Nightscape - Title Cut (20:46)

DEMO: Nightscapes - .mp3

Song 2. Sea of Darkness (12:10)

DEMO: Sea of Darkness - .mp3

Song 2. Distant Dawn (30:07)

DEMO: Distant Dawn - .mp3



Entrancing - Uplifting - InSpiring




All In A Dream

Song 1. All In A Dream - Title Cut (30:02)

DEMO: All In A Dream - .mp3

Song 2. Trancelvania (16:58)

DEMO: Trancelvania - .mp3



Dreamy - Releasing - Tranquility




Evening Inspiration

Song 1. Evening Inspiration (30:16)

DEMO: Evening Inspiration - .mp3

2. Tides of Time (15:04)

DEMO: Tides of Time - .mp3

3. Wave Haven (16:31)

DEMO: Wave Haven - .mp3



Inspirational - Meditative - Delightful






1. Evolutions - Title Cut (apx. 26:01)

DEMO: Evolutions - .mp3

2. Steps To Paradise Too (23:22)

DEMO: Steps To Paradise - .mp3

3. Steps To Paradise (14:43)



Drift - Refresh - Relax Deeply




Travel Time

Song 1: Traffic Control (20:22 mins.)

DEMO: Traffic Control - .mp3

Song 2: Travel Time (15:17 mins.)

DEMO: Travel Time - .mp3

Song 3. The Journey Begins (25:05 mins.)

DEMO: The Journey Begins - .mp3



Entrancing - Rejuvenating - Enlivening

If you would like to purchase all 6 albums on USB feel free to contact us at 813-221-5466. We will be happy to create the product for you right away and mail it asap.

The length of each song varies. They are generally longer than 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes in length. This music is very High-Fidelity. You may need to adjust your audio settings for optimum performance. No equalizer needed. Headphones are recommended for "audio-philes".

Click to Download Digital Versions of Albums.

When you purchase songs digitally you receive an email confirming your order along  with a download link to your .mp3 files of each song you purchase.  Just follow the instructions to download and save the files to your computer & wahlah. Just push play!

Click here for detailed info on Licensing our Music.

This is for you if you want music to record behind your sessions, trainings and videos/audios.

Music Licensing Agreements are available for each song or for entire albums of songs. You must purchase Licenses to use the music for recording, public play, or resale of your product using our music. To use our music for "re-sale" related projects see the link below for more information.

Visit License Music for more information on how you can license our music.

See our Non-Exclusive Music Licensing Application

We also have a PushPlay™ Licensing Agreement that allows for use of music in "Live" events such as trainings, sessions, and broadcast. See our agreement. This license excludes recordings for "re-sale".


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