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We invite you to enjoy the music that we have created. Our music is designed to inspire you, to delight you, to entrance and mesmerize you and most of all to provide you a venue and an outlet to experience your self within states of passion, pleasure and peace.

Take your time and look around - demo the various songs on the albums we have available for you to choose from. Demo links (of .mp3 files) are located on the Song Titles and Audio and Video Demo pages. These will give you a sense and a taste of how each song sounds and feels to you.

We welcome any questions or interest in using our music on your projects or potential products you may wish to create.

Remember, we can also design Custom Exclusive Music just for you if you should have a need and look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Elvis now - 813-221-5466

Email Elvis Lester re: Licensing

Yes you can... Order & Download Music Digitally onsite

Click the "Add to Cart - DIGITAL VERSION" links to buy music of your choice and we will send you the product key automatically to complete your download easily. You will receive the .mp3 files for instant download.

For sure you can Buy digital versions of all our albums & songs.

You can purchase each song separately OR You can buy the complete Album digitally.

Llinks are provided just below each product enabling you to purchase Titles or individual Song Titles (.mp3 format).

NOTE: When you purchase an "Album" Digitally you will receive an email confirming your order along  with a product key to download your .mp3 files of each song on the Album.  Just download the file, open/save the song to your computer & wahlah. Just push play!


Custom Library Cuts - "Sets"*
Music for Live & Web Play
& Recording Projects

These cuts provide you custom intro/extro music & shorter pieces designed with trainers, speakers, presenters, promoters in mind. Click demo links (to .mp3's) below each set to preview the Custom Library Cuts.

Read more about Custom Library Cuts

Click here for detailed info on Licensing our Music.
Music Licensing Agreements are available for each song or for entire albums of songs. You must purchase Licenses to use the music for recording, public play, or resale of your product using our music.

We also have a PushPlay" Licensing Agreement that allows for use of music in "Live" events such as trainings, sessions, and broadcast.

This license excludes recordings for "re-sale". To use our music for "re-sale" related projects see the link below for more information

Legal Notice
Elvis Lester is conducting business as TranceLand™ Productions with the following Terms and Policies. As owner and producer of this website, Elvis Lester owns, reserves all rights and claims copyright protection for all audio, video, multi-media products including ScreenCasts, webinars (recorded and live) as well as any graphics or text provided via the website (unless otherwise stated). Elvis Lester claims exclusive rights to all of the information and products as well as their written descriptions. No portion of this website may be reproduced whatsoever without the express written consent of Elvis Lester. This includes any copying, transferring, reproduction or transmission of any content or media, recorded or otherwise. Please note that our products are for educational and entertainment purposes. We do not offer the products found here on the website as an alternative to private treatment or healthcare related services. We considerately advise you to seek the advice and care of a qualified and licensed healing arts practitioner to address any concerns you may have prior to using our products. By clicking on and using our media or proceeding with the purchase of our products you confirm that you have read the above and agree to the Terms and Policies of TranceLand™ Productions.
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